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Pembroke Police Service


When To Call Police?

Many people hesitate to call the police out of fear of getting involved, or of being identified, or even of fear of sounding silly or over-suspicious. The police need and want your help in preventing crime, please call.
Do not assume someone else has already called the police.
Emergency: 9-1-1
O.P.P. 24-Hour Toll-Free Non-Emergency: 1-888-310-1122 | 1-888-310-1133 (TTY)
O.P.P. Pembroke Detachment Administrative: 613-732-3332
O.P.P. Pembroke Detachment Fax: 613-732-1855

Changes To Pembroke Police Service

On July 6th, 2013 the transition from Pembroke Police Service to O.P.P. policing was completed. The police station is located at 77 International Drive and is operated during normal business hours 8:00am to 4:00pm. The lobby inside the police station will remain open to the public during this time and police staff will be present at the front counter for assistance. At 4:00pm the doors will be locked. Anyone attending the Station after hours will use an emergency phone which will be located in a visible area outside the main doors to the police station. The person requiring assistance will simply pick up the phone and will be connected to a call taker. The person will provide information to the call taker and if required a police officer will be dispatched to attend the station. This method is commonly used by the O.P.P. and other municipal police service around Ontario.
Pembroke Neighbourhood Watch Program
Neighbourhood Watch is a program to help neighbours watch out for neighbours.  It aims to get citizens involved in discouraging and preventing crime at the local level.  The ultimate success of the program depends largely on a commitment...
Property Identification Program

The Pembroke Police Services Board in conjunction with the Pembroke Public Library are pleased to present the Property Identification Program.  This program will help Police recover your high-value electronics, tools, computer equipment, small appliances etc. if they are stolen.  It is a free, easy way to mark your high-value property.  Marked property is a proven way to help deter property theft and recover valuable items taken during a burglary.  Marked property is difficult for a burglar to sell and if the burglar is caught with marked property, it is evidence of possession of stolen property.  Marked property can also assist Police in tracing it to the original owner.
Visit the Pembroke Public Library to borrow an electric engraver free of charge to mark your personal possessions. 

Criminal Record Checks

Criminal record checks and police checks are required for a variety of purposes including employment, adoption, international travel, volunteer work, citizenship, name change, student placement or to obtain a record suspension (formerly pardon).


On February 8, 1878 , a motion was passed by the Council of the Town of Pembroke to hire a Town Constable. It was not until November 15, 1878 that James Devlin was hired at a salary of $400.00 per year. Constable Devlin lived on Cemetery St , now know as Miller Street , in Pembroke. Some of the duties of the Town Constable at this time, included the collection of taxes, and the maintenance of platforms (sidewalks) and the Pumping station. Constable Devlin also assumed the role of Truant Officer and Dog Catcher.

Police Services Board

The Police Service Board is responsible for: - Determining objectives and priorities for police services, after consultation with the detachment commander or his or her designate. - Establishing any local policies with respect to police services, after consultation with the detachment commander or his or her desinate. - Receiving regular reports from the detachment commander or his or her desinate on discloures and descisions made under Section 45 (secondary activities)

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