Fire Services

Pembroke Fire Department June 2018
Pembroke Fire Department June 2018

The Pembroke Fire Department provides a multitude of services which include some of the following:

  • Heavy Rescue
  • Extrication
  • Level 2 (on the water) Water and Ice Rescue
  • Smoke Alarm Program
  • Fire Prevention (including inspections and enforcement)
  • Public Education (including fire extinguisher demonstrations)
  • The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C)

For further information or questions regarding services provided by the Pembroke Fire Department, contact:

Fire Chief Scott Selle
200 International Drive
Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5
(613) 735-6821 x 1201


Establishing and Regulating Fire Department By-law

False Alarm By-law

Fireworks By-law

Recreational Open Air Burning By-law

User Fees for Services provided by the Pembroke Fire Department

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Fireworks and Paper Lanterns in Pembroke

Open Air Burns (Bonfires)

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Fire Safety for Care Occupancies - new regulations
Click here for important fire safety information for Owners, Operators, Staff and Clients of Care Occupancies such as Care and Treatment Occupancies, Retirement Homes and Group Homes.
Fire Safety In The Home
As Building Owners you are obligated by the Ontario Fire Code to provide and maintain working smoke alarms. You must also provide operational instructions to the tenant.
Landlord/Tenant/Health Care Facilities
As the owner of the apartment building you are obligated under the Ontario Fire Code to provide basic information to the tennand regarding fire safety.
Fire Safety for Industry and Business
It is essential that all employees be familiar with the proper use of portable extinguishers and know when and when not to use them. In the event of a fire, employees should respond in accordance with their company's fire-emergency plan. Most employees will evacuate. Certain trained and designated employees will evaluate the fire scene and, if the fire is small and conditions are reasonably safe, use a fire extinguisher to fight the fire. If the fire is large or conditions are unsafe, all employees will evacuate.
Fire Safety, Children and Students
Fires are the leading cause of death in the home for children under the age of five The National Fire Prevention Association reports that of all the young children who died in home fires last year, fully one third set the fires that killed them. Children under the age of 12 set almost half of all structural fires. According to the Shriners Burn Institute, burn injuries are a major cause of death for preschoolers, and match play is a leading source of burn injuries.
Fire Safety for Seniors
Fire Safety for Seniors is critical as they make up the largest high-risk group for injury and death by fire. Every year in Canada, home fires claim approximately 500 lives. More than one-third of people who die in fires are 60 years of age or older. Changes in an older person's sensory and physical functions can make it difficult for them to detect or escape a fire. Many fire-related deaths and injuries among seniors are preventable.