The City of Pembroke - City Hall Corporation of the City of Pembroke was established in 1828, and celebrated 175 years in 2003. Pembroke is a single tier municipality located within the County of Renfrew. City of Pembroke 1 Pembroke Street East Pembroke, ON K8A 3J5 T: (613) 735-6821 F: (613)...]]>Fri, 27 Feb 2015 9:41:29 -0700en-us2015 Council Agendas, 27 Feb 2015 8:50:26 -0700Finance & Administration Committee Agendas 2015, 27 Feb 2015 8:46:56 -07002015 Council Calendars, 27 Feb 2015 8:04:48 -0700Fees & Services, 26 Feb 2015 8:20:41 -0700Government of Ontario Central Forms Site

The following link provides access to Ontario Government forms including birth certificate, marriage licence and death certificate. 

Fees & Services


NSF/Returned Cheque
Tax Certificate
Marriage License - Tax Payers and City Residents
Marriage License - Non Residents
Photocopying Charge
1.00 for first page, .50 for each additional page
Quit Claim By-law Processing Charge
 25.00 + HST

Pet Tags (dogs and cats) Spayed

- before March 15

- after March 15



Pet Tags (dogs and cats) Unsterilized

- before March 15

- after March 15




By-law 2005-67 and Schedules

Portable Sign Permit

50.00 renewable

55.00 for 6 month period

110.00 for 1 year period

Starting Without A Permit
Occupancy Permit
Inspection Other Than That Noted On Permit
Basic Plumbing Fee


Waste & Vent Stack


Water Closet




Shower Stall


Wash Basin


Kitchen Sink


Slop Sink




Automatic Washer


Laundry Tub


Drinking Fountain


Floor Drain


Roof Hopper


Hot Water Tank


Building Drain (4")


Area Drain




Residential Water Supply System

Each Additional Unit

50.00 Administration Fee + 30.00


Commercial Water Supply System

Each Additional Unit

50.00 Administration Fee + 60.00

Water Meters

3/4" (includes Korner horn)

 615.92 + HST
              3/4" no Korner horn                     393.86 + HST

1" (includes Korner horn)

 888.46 + HST
              1" no Korner horn                     550.04 + HST

1 1/2" (includes cast iron flange set)

 871.57 + HST

2" (includes cast iron flange set)

 980.60 + HST

3" turbine

2,554.79 + HST

3" compound

4,324.02 + HST
             4" turbine
3,580.91 + HST
             4" compound   6,314.80 + HST
Minor Variance Application
250.00 + HST
Consent Application
350.00 + HST
Parkland Dedication

2% for commercial or industrial portion of severance

5% for residential portion and in all other cases of severance

Zoning By-law Amendment
600.00 + HST
Official Plan Amendment
650.00 + HST
Zoning By-law and Official Plan Amendment Combined on One Application
750.00 + HST
Refund Fee for Withdrawal of Zoning By-law or Official Plan Amendment

Prior to Planning Advisory Committee Meeting: 50%

Prior to Public Meeting: 25%

Prior to Council Meeting: None

Site Plan Agreement
400.00 + HST
Plan of Subdivision/Condominium Agreement
1,200.00 + HST
Subdivision Amendment
400.00 + HST
Zoning Compliance Letter
50.00 + HST
Motor Vehicle Compliance Letter
50.00 + HST
Environmental Inquiry
50.00 + HST
Zoning By-law Text
25.00 + HST
Zoning By-law Maps
15.00 + HST
Official Plan Text and Maps
30.00 + HST
Encroachment Agreement
200.00 + HST
Part Lot Control / Lot
500.00 + HST
Redline Changes to a Plan of Subdivision
500.00 + HST
The applicant shall be required to reimburse the City for actual fees and expenses of the City's peer review professional which are beyond the review of the applicant's study (i.e. pre-consultation, study reviews, Municipal Board hearings, etc.).

Public Swim

- Senior (60+)/Student (14-17 years)
- Algonquin College (Full Time Students)

- Adult

- Child (4-13 years)

- 3 and Under (with Adult supervision)

3.31 + HST
3.31 + HST

3.98 + HST



Pool Rental

- Basic (1-50 people)
- Basic (51-100 people)
- Additional Life Guards
- Schools (lessons)
- Wading Pool

73.36 + HST

97.83 + HST

23.00 + HST

97.83 + HST

23.00 + HST

Private Lessons

Aqua Tots

Swim Preschool

Swim Kids

Adult Lessons


Ladies Red Cross

Bronze Programs



Instructors RC/LSS

Regular Fee




61.94 + HST

61.94 + HST

48.67 + HST

157.52 + HST

194.69 + HST

169.91 + HST

336.28 + HST

Non-Resident Fee
additional 39.00
additional 43.00
additional 43.00
additional 49.00
additional 48.00
additional 48.00
additional 43.00
additional 139.00
additional 172.00
additional 150.00

additional 297.00

Memberships (1 month)
- Adult
Regular Fee
44.26 + HST
Non Resident Fee
additional 30.00
Memberships (3 months)
- Senior (60+)/Student (14-17 years)
- Algonquin College (Full Time Students)
- Adult
- Child
- Family

Regular Fee
76.12 + HST
76.12 + HST
106.20 + HST

Non Resident Fee
additional 30.00
additional 30.00
additional 30.00
additional 30.00
additional 30.00
Memberships (6 months)
- Senior (60+)/Student (14-17 years)
- Algonquin College (Full Time Students)
- Adult
- Child
- Family
Regular Fee
125.66 + HST
125.66 + HST
185.84 + HST
238.93 + HST
Non Resident Fee
additional 30.00
additional 30.00
additional 30.00
additional 30.00
additional 30.00
Membership (12 months)
- Senior (60+)/Student (14-17 years)
- Adult
- Child
- Family
Regular Fee
230.08 + HST
345.13 + HST
453.09 + HST

Non-Resident Fee
additional 30.00
additional 30.00
additional 30.00

additional 30.00


Service Charge for Cancellation of Facility Booking
50% of facility rental if not cancelled within 7 days of rental

Non-Resident Fee
- Hockey
- Skating
- Ball
- Soccer

451.00/ per person
293.00/ per person
146.00/ per person
18.00/ per person
Public Skating
- Senior (55+)/Student (14-17 years)
- Adult
- Child


Ice Rental (per hour)
- Adult (prime)                         
- Adult (non-prime)                   
- Minor Sports (regular)           
- Minor Sports (out-of-town)   
- Boards of Education              
- PMC - Minor Sport s:               
           Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

140.00 +HST
95.00 + HST
90.00 + HST
140.00 + HST
90.00 + HST
64.00 + HST 

Other (per hour)
- Floor Hockey (no ice)

40.00 + HST

PMC Activity Room
Suite "A" (12 persons max. occupancy)
- Lumber King Games (flat rate)
- Concerts (flat rate)
- PACC/PMC activity room (flat rate)

125.00 + HST
125.00 + HST
  25.00 + HST

- Monthly
- Seasonal (September - April)
 75.00 + HST
300.00 + HST

Facility Rental
- Non-Profit

- Circus

- For Profit




Ball (per hour)

Fields Dragged and Bases only
- Minor:  No Lights

- Minor:  With Lights

- Adult:  No Lights

- Adult: With Lights

11.00 + HST

16.00 + HST

15.00 + HST

24.00 + HST

Ball (per hour)

Fields Fully Prepared

- Minor:  No Lights

- Minor:  With Lights

- Adult:  No Lights

- Adult: With Lights

15.00 + HST

20.00 + HST

19.00 + HST

28.00 + HST

Soccer (per hour)

- Minor:  No Lights

- Minor:  With Lights

- Adult:  No Lights

- Adult: With Lights

11.00 + HST

16.00 + HST

17.00 + HST

26.00 + HST


Regular Hours:  10AM-3PM

No Fee




Mooring (per foot)
- Daily
- Seasonal
- Weekly (max. 2 weeks)

  0.80 + HST
26.50 + HST
  6.00 + HST

- Daily
- Seasonal

  6.19 + HST
67.00 + HST

- Week Day (Monday to Thursday)

- Weekend (Friday to Sunday)

6.50+ HST
9.38+ HST

Shore Power/Water
- Seasonal

135.00 + HST

Dry Docking
- Seasonal
- Non-Seasonal

100.00 + HST
325.00 + HST


For camp site reservations, call: (613)735-6821 ext. 1504

Park Opens Friday of the May long weekend and closes Thanksgiving Monday


Riverside Park Camping Rates

Serviced Sites
- 1st Night
- Weekly (maximum 2 weeks)
- Sewage Pumpout

32.00 + HST

186.00 + HST


Unserviced Sites
- 1st Night

- Weekly (maximum 2 weeks)

26.00 + HST

150.00 + HST

Mini-Golf and Horseshoes
- Adults, Youth, Senior
- Children (14 and under)

3.25  (HST included)


50% Mini Golf Group Discount (16+ people)
25.00 + HST

- No Sound System

- With Sound System

  75.00 +  HST

100.00 + HST


Water Turn On/Off/Trip

Work Hours

After Hours

38.00 + HST

60.00 + HST

Water Service/Meter Inspections/Trip
Work Hours
After Hours

                  38.00 + HST
                  60.00 + HST

Sewer Service Inspections/Trip

Work Hours

After Hours

38.00 + HST

60.00 + HST

Storm Service Inspections/Trip

Work Hours

After Normal Hours

38.00 + HST

60.00 + HST

Leak Detection Equipment

200.00 Flat rate+ Labour &  Equipment + HST

Small Live Tap (within City limits) 50.00/Tap + Labour &  Equipment + HST
Small Live Tap (outside City) 350.00/Tap + Labour & Equipment + HST
Large Live Tap (within City limits) 750.00/Tap + Labour & Equipment + HST
Large Live Tap (outside City) 1,250.00/Tap + Labour & Equipment + HST
Daily Rental Fee for Tools
Hydrant Hose 25.00 + HST
Flasher Barricades 5.00 + HST
Wooden Barricades 5.00 + HST
Portable Road Signs 5.00 + HST
Skate Sharpening Fees (pair) 4.43 + HST
Grader and Street Sweeper Rates
Work Hours 110.00 + HST
After Hours 125.00 + HST
Snow Disposal Facility
Refundable Key deposit 30.00 + HST
First 25 Loads 350.00 + HST
Each load over 25 12.50 + HST
Capital Works
Cost Labour + 35% + HST
Equipment Equipment + 10% + HST 
 Materials Materials + 10% + HST 
 Admin. Fee A 5% Admin. fee is charged on (Labour + Equip. + Materials + HST) 

 If a property owner requests additional work while City is having contract work done - Contract Rate + 5% Admin. + HST.

Overtime rates apply to Labour and Materials for all after hour servcies.

Water from Hydrant 5.00/1,000 Litres + HST
Refundable Card Deposit 30.00 + HST

Septage/Sewage Disposal Rates

*Administrative charge on all loads under 100 gallons

50.00/m3 + HST

10.00 + HST
By-Law Enforcement 100.00 Flat Fee + Applicable Fees (see Capital Works)

Culvert Extensions

4 foot

5 foot

6 foot

650.00 + HST

800.00 + HST

950.00 + HST


Blue Box Recycling Container

Triple"R" Recycling Container

Green Organic Cart

Organic Kitchen Bin

7.97 + HST

21.24 + HST

83.19 + HST

7.97 + HST

Recreation & Tourism Committee Minutes - 2015, 19 Feb 2015 1:55:37 -0700Operations Committee Minutes - 2015, 19 Feb 2015 1:54:06 -07002015 Council Minutes, 19 Feb 2015 1:47:51 -0700Current Employment Opportunities, 18 Feb 2015 12:26:25 -0700The City of Pembroke does not accept unsolicited resumes or job applications. The practice of accepting unsolicited applications for employment adds to our costs, has legal implications and gives the incorrect impression that all unsolicited applications will be considered for every employment opportunity.  Unsolicited applications that are received are destroyed.  As positions become available, they will be posted on this web site, advertised in local newspapers and other applicable trades sites, with the appropriate contact information for applicants. Please respond directly to the addresses provided.

Summer Staff 2015

The City of Pembroke is accepting applications from students to fill various positions in the following: These positions are student positions, intended for full time secondary and post secondary students. Applicants must be a minimum of (16) years of age

Only one application per student will be accepted.

If you wish to be considered for multiple positions, from the list below, please indicate your three (3) preferences in your covering letter.  Applications will be matched with opportunities based on area of academic study, experience,  and specific interest.

Some of these positions are also contingent on the City receiving approval for funding. Interviews will begin in early May and continue through June until all positions are filled.

Applicants are invited to submit in confidence a detailed cover letter and résumé by March 28 2015 to:

Ms. Cindy Van Loan,

Human Resources Coordinator

City of Pembroke

1 Pembroke St. E

Pembroke, ON. K8A 3J5

Fax: 613-735-3660


Web Site:

The City of Pembroke is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from all qualified individuals.

We thank all candidates for their interest, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. No telephone calls please.

Personal information submitted will be used for the sole purpose of this competition.  It is collected under the authority of The Municipal Act, RSO 2001, and will be used in accordance with The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, for employment purposes.


Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley


Available positions

Available positions

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

Attention High School Students! Did you know that you can now start an apprenticeship in a skilled occupation while earning credits towards a graduation diploma?

Attention Businesses who employ skilled tradespersons! Did you know that you can save training time and $$$ by sponsoring a High School Student who has decided to pursue a career in a skilled occupation?

Interested? Call you local High School coop or guidance office or contact your school board OYAP Co-ordinator.

RCDSB:    (613) 735-0151
RCCDSB:  (613 )735-5496


Operations Committee Agendas 2015, 13 Feb 2015 10:11:36 -0700Recreation & Tourism Committee Agendas 2015, 13 Feb 2015 10:10:05 -0700Planning & Development Committee Minutes - 2015, 09 Feb 2015 8:25:16 -0700Combined Committee Minutes - 2014, 09 Feb 2015 7:54:41 -0700Committee Minutes, 09 Feb 2015 7:53:25 -0700Combined Committee Minutes - 2015, 09 Feb 2015 7:51:45 -0700Finance & Administration Committee Minutes - 2015, 09 Feb 2015 7:46:06 -0700Planning & Development Committee Agendas 2015, 30 Jan 2015 12:16:20 -0700By-laws, 21 Jan 2015 1:40:26 -0700For General Email correspondence send mail to

For Zoning Bylaws and the Official Plan, please refer to the Planning Section of this Site

For more Information:
City of Pembroke
1 Pembroke St E
Pembroke ON K8A 3J5
Phone : (613) 735-6821 x 1330
Fax: (613) 735-3660 

By-laws are incorporated for the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you require the reader, go to for the free download.

By-law Table of Contents:

City Council, 16 Jan 2015 6:54:27 -0700

 Pembroke City Council

The present Corporation of the City of Pembroke Council was established on the October 27, 2014 municipal elections for a four-year term ending in November 30, 2018. Five Councillors and one Deputy Mayor make up this Council under the chairmanship of Mayor.

The present Council are:


Contact Information

Mayor Michael LeMay

1 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, ON   K8A 3J5
613-735-6821 ext. 1399
613-735-3660 (fax)
613-633-6174 (cell)

Deputy Mayor Ron Gervais

1 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, ON  K8A 3J5
613-735-6821 ext. 1390 
613-735-3660 (fax)
613-735-7455 (res)

Councillor Patricia Lafreniere

1 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, ON   K8A 3J5
613-735-6821 ext. 1391
613-735-3660 (fax)

Councillor John McCann

1 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, ON   K8A 3J5
613-735-6821 ext 1392
613-735-3660 (fax)

Councillor Andrew Plummer

1 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, ON   K8A 3J5
613-735-6821 ext 1393
613-735-3660 (fax)

Councillor Christine Reavie

1 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, ON   K8A 3J5
613-735-6821 ext 1394
613-735-3660 (fax)

Councillor Les Scott

1 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, ON   K8A 3J5
613-735-6821 ext 1395
613-735-3660 (fax)
613-639-4645 (cell)
613-735-1951 (res)

Public meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, in the Council Chambers of City Hall, at which time Council administers the business affairs of the City through the various committees and departments it has established. Please refer to the attached schedule for details. Through this network of public departments, Council directs a full compliment of community services including administration, fire and security, water and pollution control, public works and engineering, planning and economic development; and recreational services. 

For General Email correspondence send mail to

For more Information:

City of Pembroke
1 Pembroke St E
Pembroke ON K8A 3J5
Phone : (613) 735-6821 x 1390
Fax: (613) 735-3660

At the January 6th, 2015 Council meeting,the individuals so noted on the attached were appointed to the following stated Committees for a four year term ending November 30, 2018.  

Archive, 16 Jan 2015 6:44:55 -07002013 Council Minutes, 16 Jan 2015 6:24:09 -07002014 Council Minutes, 12 Jan 2015 11:32:02 -0700City Hall, 05 Jan 2015 1:19:13 -0700The Corporation of the City of Pembroke was established in 1828, and celebrated 175 years in 2003. Pembroke is a single tier municipality located within the County of Renfrew.

City of Pembroke
1 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, ON
K8A 3J5

T: (613) 735-6821
F: (613) 735-3660
To contact individual departments click here

Hours of Operation:   
     8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays

Customer Service Requests, 05 Jan 2015 9:43:40 -0700Complete to form to report a problem.

Standing Committee Agendas 2015, 02 Jan 2015 11:25:40 -0700Council Agendas, 31 Dec 2014 8:31:33 -07002014 Council Calendars, 24 Dec 2014 9:58:31 -0700History of Pembroke, 05 Dec 2014 7:43:57 -0700The City of Pembroke stands at the joining of the Ottawa and Muskrat rivers in the beautiful Ottawa Valley. The settlement was started by the cutting of the first tree by Peter White, a lumbering prospector, in May 1828. He moved his family to a home he built on this homestead, and began his lumbering operations which prospered.

White collected around him the workmen necessary for lumbering operations and soon a blacksmith shop, a sleigh maker, shoemaker, harness maker and other mechanics were providing him with the works necessary to establish a lumbering centre.

Attracted by the magnificent forest of virgin pine, other lumbermen joined Peter White and a store was established west of his homestead at the mouth of the Muskrat River in 1836, and the site was named Campbelltown. Across the Muskrat River, a small community called Miramichi sprang up. This hamlet was later called Moffat, then Sydenham, and finally, in 1856, the whole area was joined together as a Police Village and re-named Pembroke. 1877 saw the incorporation of Pembroke as a Town, and in 1971 the municipality was granted City status.

The history of Pembroke is linked with the advancement of the lumber industry in the Ottawa Valley. With a natural harbour on the Ottawa River, it was the base for boats which brought passengers and freight from Cobden Lake to Des Joachims, thus opening up great stretches of the Ottawa River. The trip from Ottawa to Portage du Fort by boat, then overland to Cobden Lake, setting out from there, again by boat, to Pembroke could be made in one day. In 1865 Pembroke shipbuilders launched the first boat and the routes were travelled later by Captains Overman and Cowley, who were to obtain Samuel de Champlain’s Astrolabe from its discoverer at Green Lake east of Cobden.

The Village became the County Seat for the County of Renfrew in 1866 and County Court House was built in that year of freestone. It remains one of Pembroke’s finest buildings today. The Municipal Building was erected in 1870 of red sandstone and stands at the junction of the Muskrat and Ottawa Rivers.

Pembroke was the first town in Canada in which electric power was generated for commercial use. On October 8, 1884 the very first street lights in Canada cast their glow down Pembroke Street. A small building on Pembroke Street east of the Muskrat River provided electricity for street lighting as well as for the factories in the Town.

With settlement came the first school in 1838, the first church in 1839, and a high school in 1895. In 1905 the Mackay Street Arena was built and hockey greats Frank Nighbor, Hugh Lehman, and Harry Cameron played there before going on to the NHL.

In the early 1900’s Camp Petawawa was built ten miles west of Pembroke. Then as today, Pembroke has provided a home base for the service men and women and their families.

Recognizing the needs of the people, the Council of 1912 set up the Pembroke Public Library Board and Carnegie Public Library was founded in that year. The Town’s Centennial project in 1967 was the enlargement of the library and it now services the reading and research requirements of a large area.

In 2000, in honour of the Millennium, the City completely redeveloped its waterfront – from one that was originally industrial in nature in the early part of the century, to one which had evolved into a more park like setting during the 50’s and 60’s, the redevelopment included the building of an Amphitheatre, a Boardwalk, and a Walkway. The beautiful Waterfront is now filled with people throughout the summer months, enjoying a stroll along the river’s edge or a picnic at one of the many gazebos and benches. The Pembroke Marina is also located here, and boating enthusiasts can dock and walk into downtown Pembroke for all of their on-board supplies.

Today, Pembroke is home to many industries that have their origin in the lumber trade. But it also has grown to include other industries and businesses based on technology and innovation. In 2003 a fully redundant fibre optic cable was installed around Pembroke, enabling local businesses to work anywhere in the world – without leaving their desks – through a telecommunications infrastructure that is vital to remaining competitive in today’s global economy.

Past Mayors for the City of Pembroke

1877 - 1878

William Moffat

1922 - 1923

W.L. Smyth

1879 - 1881

W.W. Dickson

1924 - 1925

L.S. Barrand


John H. Metcalf

1926 - 1927

J.P. Duff

1883 - 1884

Walter Beatty

1928 - 1930 J.M. Taylor

1885 - 1887

Archibald Foster

1931 - 1933 George D. Biggs

1888 - 1889

William Murray

1934 Dr. J.C. Bradley


Thomas Deacon

1935 Dr. M. Mackay

1891 - 1893

William R. White

1936 - 1938 A.E. Cockburn

1894 - 1896

F.E. Fortin

1939 - 1941 F.W. Beatty

1897 - 1900

Thomas Murray

1942 - 1947 W.J. Fraser


J.P. Millar

1948 - 1949 Chas. E. Campbell


P. White Jr.

1950 - 1957 J.J. Carmody

1903 - 1904

George Delahay

1958 - 1959 A.A. Wallace

1905 - 1906

W.H. Bromley

1960 - 1965 A.A. Campbell


Isadore Martin

1966-1970 William K. Kutschke

1907 - 1909

J.S. Fraser

1970 - 1972 A.A. Campbell

1910 - 1911

W.L. Hunter

1973 - 1974 George Abdallah

1912 - 1913

William Leacy

1975 - 1980 Henry Brown

1914 - 1915

James L. Morris

1981 - 1988 A.A. Campbell


Edward Behan

1988 - 1994 Terance McCann


Edward Behan

1994 - 2000 Les Scott

1918 - 1919

W.R. Beatty

2000 - 2003 Bob Pilot

1920 - 1921

D.A. Jones

2003 - 2014 Ed Jacyno
2014-Present Michael LeMay

To find out more about the history of Pembroke, visit:

The Champlain Trail Museum
1032 Pembroke St E
Phone: (613) 735-0517

The Ottawa Valley Historical Society
PO Box 985
Pembroke ON  K8A 7M5
Phone: (613) 735-0517

Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group

222 Dickson St

Pembroke ON   K8A 2X3

Phone:  (613) 735-6664

City of Pembroke Accessibility Plan, 21 Nov 2014 7:55:02 -0700Through the City of Pembroke Accessibility Plan, the city continues to support the goal of provincial legislation, called the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001.  The City of Pembroke's Accessibility Plan is also available in hard copy at the Pembroke Public Library or may be obtained from City Hall.
Additional Information
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities  
Accessibility, 21 Nov 2014 7:54:04 -0700Official Elections Results, 29 Oct 2014 1:16:16 -0700Election 2014, 20 Oct 2014 1:30:30 -0700The information on this page is intended to provide relevant details to electors and candidates on the election process and will be updated regularly.

Nominations for the following offices will be accepted at City Hall, 1 Pembroke Street East, in the Clerk's Department from Thursday, January 2, 2014 to Friday, September 12, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. 

Pembroke City Council
In 2013, City Council voted to reduce the number of members of Council by two positions.  Effective with the 2014 Municipal Election, voters will be asked to cast one vote for Mayor and vote for up to six candidates for council who represent the entire City.  By voting for candidates for Mayor and Councillor, you are helping to set the future direction of the City of Pembroke.  The City provides the day-to-day services you count on from fire and police service, to clean water and parks.  City Council decides how your property tax dollars are spent and establishes the level and range of municipal services available in your community. 

School Board Trustees
Voting for your school board Trustee is very important.  Trustees develop and implement recommendations for educational programs, budgets, facilities and property issues, and policies and procedures that govern their Boards operation.

As a candidate for your City Council or local school board, you will have the opportunity to draw citizens attention to certain issues, and to introduce them to your ideas and vision for our city.  You will learn more about your community and more about yourself.  By putting your name forward as a candidate you can make a difference!  Check out the information for candidates, where you can learn more about running in the 2014 municipal election.

Read the information for voters to find out how you can exercise your right to vote and participate in the 2014 municipal election.  Are you recorded as an eligible elector for the upcoming election?  To find out if you are currently registered to vote, please contact the Election Office at City Hall at 613-735-6821 extension 1390 or by email  Should you need to be added to the list or update your information, you will need to visit City Hall to show proof of identity, qualifying address and sign an Application ot Amend the Voters List.

Alternative Voting is available from 8:00 a.m. on October 20th to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day, October 27, 2014!  The City of Pembroke will be utilizing Alternative Voting Methods (Telephone and Internet) for the 2014 Municipal Election. Traditional Paper Ballots will be available on Election Day only at The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 72 Pembroke, Main Hall from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  A voter information letter will be mailed directly to registered residents prior to Thanksgiving, providing the registered resident with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) allowing them to vote 24 hours a day from October 20 - 27, 2014 from any telephone or any device connected to the internet.  A Voter Help Centre will be available to assit with internet and phone voting and/or access to a computer and/or telephone.  The Voter Help Centre is located at City Hall and assistance is available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.  

If you would like more information, contact us with your questions and inquiries, Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

City of Pembroke Clerks Office
1 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, ON  K8A 3J5
Telephone:  613-735-6821
Fax:  613-735-3660

Voting, 08 Oct 2014 8:19:08 -07002014 Certified Candidates, 29 Sep 2014 7:56:44 -0700Other Election Resources, 28 Aug 2014 5:37:04 -0700Additional information is available at the following websites:

Election Accessibility Plan 2014, 25 Jun 2014 8:49:12 -0700Historical Information, 10 Feb 2014 9:56:38 -07002013 Council Calendar, 24 Dec 2013 8:41:17 -0700Tenders, 05 Sep 2013 12:21:34 -0700Feedback, 09 May 2013 10:29:16 -0700The City of Pembroke welcomes public input on the provision of goods or services to persons with disabilities.  It helps identify areas where changes need to be considered and ways in which we can improve the delivery of accessible goods and services.  Feedback may be provided by telephone, in person, in writing or by e-mail.

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2012 Council Calendar, 28 Dec 2012 6:43:59 -07002012 Council Minutes, 07 Dec 2012 10:45:14 -0700Temporary Disruptions to City Services, 01 Feb 2012 1:10:31 -0700The City of Pembroke strives to operate its services and facilities without interruption.  However, at times disruptions will occur.  In these cases, we will make reasonable efforts to notify the public of the reason for the disruption and its anticipated duration.  The notice can be provided at the location of the disruption, on our website, and/or through other means of communication.]]>City Suppliers and Contractors, 01 Feb 2012 1:09:06 -0700The legislation states that contractors, vendors, and individuals that the City of Pembroke has contracted to provide goods or services to customers must ensure that their employees are trained on providing accessible customer service.  This includes complying with the City of Pembroke Accessible Customer Service Policy.

The following training resources are also available through the province at the links below: ]]>
Accessible Website, 01 Feb 2012 1:06:26 -0700

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Accessible Customer Service Policy, 01 Feb 2012 12:57:21 -0700
Council approved the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Policy in November of 2009.

City of Pembroke employees, Council Members, volunteers, contractors and vendors are required to complete training which includes:
  • The purpose of the Act
  • How to interact with people with various disabilities
  • How to interact with people who may use the assistance of an assistive device, service animal or support person
  • How to use assistive devices available on the premises
  • What to do if a person with a disability is having difficulty accessing service
  • Details on the City of Pembroke's accessibly policy, procedures and practices
2011 Council Calendar, 09 Jan 2012 7:12:41 -07002011 Council Minutes, 06 Jan 2012 12:33:56 -0700History of City Hall, 25 Aug 2011 12:56:56 -0700Before 1836, this outstanding City property on which the Pembroke City Hall stands, was Crown Land. During 1836 Phoebe Rockwood acquired 200 acres of this land, which was located on the north side of Pembroke Street and bordered the Muskrat River. In 1838 Phoebe and Elizah Rockwood sold this parcel of 200 acres to John McDonald. Samuel and James McKay acquired the property from John McDonald in 1840.

Four years later in 1844, after a number of transactions, Mr. John Supple became the sole owner. At his death in 1869, Mr. Supple's estate passed to his wife Esther Supple.

In those early years in the Village of Pembroke this area was known as "The Supple Section". The present Mackay Street was then called Supple Lane which eventually led to the Old Supple Farm.

According to the Registered Block A Plan of this Supple Section, numerous transactions took place in the mid 1800's until Mr. John W. Munro was contracted to build the Pembroke Post Office. Thomas Fuller, the designer of the library of parliament and the original centre block, was contracted as the architect.

This beautiful and imposing three storey building, where the Muskrat River flows under the Pembroke Street bridge to join the Ottawa River, was constructed in 1889. This date can readily be seen and is inscribed in the front of the building above the third floor windows.

The cornerstone of this building was laid by Sir Hector Langevin, then Minister of Public Works in the spring of 1888 and the building was occupied in January 1891. When completed the Pembroke Post Office was considered to be one of the finest to be found in any town in Canada. In 1912 an addition was built to the back of the building which cost about $16,000 with additional alterations in 1914 and 1941. W.J. Moore was Clerk of the Works for the addition in 1912 and J.L. Morris for the alternations in 1914.

On the second floor were the offices of the Collector of Customs and the Collector of Inland Revenue. Throughout the years the bright third floor apartment has become the residence for the caretaker.

In 1958 the building was completely renovated, converted to City Hall and now house the Municipal Offices and the Council Chambers of the City of Pembroke.

Transaction Dates
1836 ... Crown Land to Phoebe Rockwood
1838 ... Phoebe and Elizah Rockwood to John McDonald
1840 ... John McDonald and Wife to Samuel and James McKay
1844 ... John Egan and Wife to John Supple
1869 ... John Supple Estate to Esther Supple
1889 ... Pembroke Post Office
1958 ... Pembroke City Hall

Compiled by:
Eileen Sexsmith
Chairperson of Research Committee
Ottawa Valley Historical Society
Pembroke, Ontario


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